Hello… Hello Again

Hi there! I am thrilled to welcome you to the new!

Why the update so soon? The original site was fine for its intended purpose. It was a quick way to get information out there. It had started out as my personal portfolio and was edited for the business. The plan was always to move toward something better – something that better represents what Rugbotics can bring to our clients: a full CMS-based, secure, modern, responsive, and customizable site. In the past week, I have built the site as you see it now. While it’s still a work in progress (as it should be), I’m glad to share it with you now.

As I was working on a few things yesterday, I became aware of a flaw in the third-party mail provider that I had been using. This could have prevented some messages from getting through, so if you had sent an email or completed the old contact form without receiving a reply, please try it again now. All of our mail services have now been moved to Office 365.

Other big things are coming as I’m lining up some projects and, among other things, working on a new e-commerce site for a local business. Check back often to see what’s going on. We’ll try to keep the blog fresh with company updates, news, and helpful tech tips. Have a great day!